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u can truly do it all!!!! u can be a hoe, a queen, a thot, a bad bitch, a princess, U CAN BE ALLAAAAAAHHHHDATTT SIMULTANEOUSLY MA! 

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Anonymous: i do drugs literallt all the time almost daily im not sure if i feel bad about it or if im just expected to feel bad about it. I dont think im addicted though?


Why do you feel the desire to frequently be in an altered state of mind?

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Koodal (Tyeb Mehta, 1970)

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scuse me hunny but nobody’s in my lane

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Junglee (Subodh Mukherjee, 1961)


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both by Viviane Sassen

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For the latest edition of “Life in Pictures,” the 28-year-old singer, Solange, allowed photographer Charlotte Hornsby to follow her around for four days, as she headed to an Airbnb rental in the Louisiana countryside to work on her upcoming album, then traveled to another one in Austin for SXSW. 

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Brand: Mazel John

Eve Collection

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Alek Wek photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Vogue Paris, December/January 1997/98

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1,281 notes "It is reported that Maya Angelou has likened racial microaggressions or petty humiliations to “small murders,” in contrast to the blatant forms of oppressions called “grand executions,” in which the lethal nature of biased acts is obvious (Greene, 2000). Microaggressions have the lifelong insidious effects of silencing, invalidating, and humiliating the identity and/or voices of those who are oppressed. Although their lethality is less obvious, they nevertheless grind down and wear out the victims.

Studies reveal that a lifetime of microaggressions takes a major toll on the psychological functioning of marginalized groups in our society (Constantine & Sue, 2007; Crocker & Major, 1989; Herek, Gillis, & Cogan, 2009; Lyness & Thompson, 2000; National Academies, 2006; Pierce, 1978, 1988, 1995; Salvatore & Shelton, 2007; Solórzano et al., 2000; Steele, Spencer, & Aronson, 2002; Symanski, 2009). When speaking about the Black experience, for example, microaggressions have been described as “offensive mechanisms used against blacks”; they are “often innocuous,” but the “cumulative weight of their never-ending burden” may result in “diminished mortality, augmented morbidity, and flattened confidence” (Pierce, Carew, Pierce-Gonzalez, & Willis, 1978)." — Derald Wing Sue, Microaggressions in Everyday Life (via wretchedoftheearth)

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i can’t really articulate how much it hurts my feelings that when it’s time to seek justice for black women and girls; the overwhelming majority of people are mute and exhausted. literally no one has any get-up and go to show up for black girls and women.

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wifigirl2080 maybe that was the guy running it tbh? the Oakland location is the owners second restaurant I believe…hol up let me find the one article I’m remembering haha
but there were HELLA white ppl at the SF location the one time I was there so I can imagine :/ 
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Remember Kammo, man is forgiven every sin. But no trespass by a woman is ever tolerated.

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